Issue with editing text fields and other elements farther down a page

I have been having a recurring issue that popped up lately and that’s when I’m editing text and other elements in a page, normally i can double click a text field and I can edit it from there immediately. However, now recently I’ve been unable to double click the text field and instead I have to go find that specific div or element or text field on the sidebar navigation panel. I have to drag it up and out of the container it’s in and drop it further up the page of the navigation bar… Then and only then, I am able to edit it and i have to drag it back to its original container after I have edited the text. This seems to be the only work around and is only an issue that is happening to this CMS site only. I don’t know if it’s a matter of a Z-axis error or what that is causing the element to not be able to be selected in the Designer view.

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It’s likely either a z-index issue or another element overlapping it.
If those artefacts are a part of your design, one way to help manage it is to leverage components. If you design them correctly, they can overlap each other in the design, but you can then include them separately on style guide pages for easier access and admin.

Especially important if you need Editor support.