Impossible to edit text behind z-layer

How to reproduce error:

  1. Go to havigator and select desired text element inside a div block behind z-layer
  2. Unable t o edit text behind z layer.


  1. Copy paste div block into a +1z layer and it text, then paste it back into -z block and then delete original block, prone to user error and undo mistakes (NOT IDEAL)
  2. Manually Z 10000 eidt text then revert to -z but this introduces other problems i wont yet into (not ideal)

Please make it easy to simply eidt the text component of a div block r text block that are behind z fields in a similar fashion to how users edit css blocks or how users edut custom code from the gears tab

Hi there,

Great question, and I’m here to help!

Another workaround would be to create symbol of the text behind the element, and then place that symbol on an “Edit Hidden Content” page.

This will allow Collaborators to edit the content within the symbol, and bypass the z-index’s expected behavior.

Hopefully, this was helpful. :bowing_man:

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Thank you for reply @mistercreate

Behind Z layer text editing would be especially useful.


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