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Ecommerce Website Issues (Invisible Buy Now Button & Checkout not working)

Hi guys,

Having an issue with my website. I have a single product that I’d like to sell so I’d tried to change the buy now button into an enrol button so it has a single click checkout.
See here:

however my buy now (which I’ve renamed enrol for the top navbar instantly disappears)

I had two questions:

  1. How do I get it to become visible
  2. How can I set up a single click checkout process if I only have 1 product?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

@AjayPrakash did you figure this out? Having the same issue

@AjayPrakash same problem for me, did you figure it out ?

@AjayPrakash I’m seeing the button on your website, could you share with us what the issue was? There are others with a similar problem and the solution isn’t quite clear yet. @liam have you added hosting? That’s our current theory for why these buttons aren’t showing up. @Arthur_Samo I saw your message in the other post. Was your hosting set up?

@sarahfrison Yes I have hosting set up, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m thinking my only way out at the moment is to make my own Buy button and call it with custom JS

Did you happen to fix the issue? Like @sarahfrison, I’m also seeing the Enroll button and can click to go to the checkout as expected:


Have you confirmed that this issue is present when viewing the website in incognito with all of your extensions disabled?

@sarahfrison Do you know how I could recreate the button? I’m not sure how to make it correctly add the product (of the right variant) to the cart and take the user to the checkout page

Update: I’ve found a workaround. For some reason, the “Add to Cart” button does appear on the published site, even though the “Buy Now” button doesn’t. I made it act like a Buy Now button with the following custom Javascript:

// make "Add to Cart" button (which for us says "Donate Now to Trump Donald!") act like a "Buy Now" button
$('#[YOUR BUTTON ID]').on('click', function(event) {'[YOUR MAIN URL]/checkout','name','width=800,height=800')

In this case, I’m opening a new window, but you could just redirect to the checkout page instead. There are still some issues I haven’t been able to resolve:

  • The “Waiting” text that appears when you click the button never goes away. I just made it the same as the “Default” text so no one notices.
  • If you click the button more than once, it adds a second copy of the product to the cart. There’s no way to delete this on the checkout page or anywhere else… so this is not great. You can manually reset it at the developer level by deleting cookies, but I’ll have to find a better way on the user side.

Hi @AjayPrakash, are you still having issues with the “Enroll” buy now button? I am able to see it on the site. Currently the “Buy Now” button only works when there is a Stripe account connected and an Ecommerce site plan added to the project.

The “Buy Now” button does not work with the PayPal checkout flow, as the PayPal checkout flow starts with a modal prior to the user ending up on the PayPal checkout page.