Ecommerce site not linking to checkout page when adding products to the cart

Ok, so I’m developing an e-commerce website for a client and I’m running into a small issue. The site is mostly done and is about ready to be launched, but the checkout for the store seems to not be working. Here’s the problem:

When adding a product to the cart, everything works fine. However, when I go to click on the cart and proceed to checkout, there is no Continue to Checkout button.

We’re only using Paypal for the store, and we’ve already integrated it. Checkout is enabled, and I also went through the entire e-commerce setup wizard, but nothing has helped.

Also, the Continue to Checkout btn shows up in the designer, but not in the live site.

Here is the site’s live link:

Here is the Read-Only link:

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I can see that only a PayPal account is currently connected to the site. In order for users to be able to checkout with PayPal you will want to add the PayPal button to the cart.

I’ve created a short video to further clarify:

More information on our PayPal integration can be found here:

The Stripe “Continue to Checkout” button and web payments will only show if a Stripe account is connected. Web payments are connected to Stripe and that is why they are not showing as well.

For Free Orders, the “Continue to Checkout” button will show and will allow you to go to the Stripe checkout page. Free Orders only works with the Stripe checkout flow. If the value in the cart is 0.00 the “Continue to Checkout” button will show.

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Thanks so much for your help! That’s exactly what I needed.

For sure, happy to help!

Quick question if you may. The check out button in the checkout page doesn’t work.
Can you please assist?


Hi @johnramos and Webflow team👋
I’m trying find info how to show “Continue to Checkout” with PayPal and only now read your post…

Other question is some way to use “Discounts” feature with PayPal?