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Checkout button not displaying

Hi everyone!

I just connected Paypal and enabled the checkout in my website: but for some reason the checkout button disappeared:

But it is available when previewing the website:

Has anyone experienced this issue. This is not the case.

Read-only link:

display:none is defined for the button class on the published site but I don’t know why:

Friends, any help with this? It’s the only thing missing for me to test the shopping flow of this store :cry:

@rodrigo_leles have you got ad-blockers set up when browsing your website? That’s usually why check-out buttons disappear, they get blocked by the ad-blocker extension since they track the visitor.

Hi @sarahfrison I’ve no ad-blockers installed.

I tried different browsers to check if this was the issue but that’s not the case. Even on mobile ios/android the button is not appearing.

:thinking: that’s odd. What about custom code? Since that ‘display: none’ style gets added to the published site, could that be what’s causing it?


I tried to remove the added custom codes and publish the website - and cleaning the cache - but nothing happened :sob:

@rodrigo_leles dang! It could be a bug as well, of course.

Yea… thanks for the attention @sarahfrisonI’m opening a ticket on the support :face_with_monocle:

@rodrigo_leles you’re very welcome. Sorry we weren’t able to figure it for you :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m having this same problem. Anyone find any fixes?

Hey @oren the problem in my project was actually on my end. You need to include the Paypal button from the elements panels and this will be youe “Checkout” button in your shopping cart.

If you use the normal checkout button it will disappear when you enable Paypal payments. Had a hard time figuring this out because there’s no documentation pointing that out (yet) in Webflow’s help pages.

The guys from the Webflow support helped me with that.


Great, thanks. Solution is super simple and obvious… Whoops!

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ah, great to see you figured it out! @rodrigo_leles I didn’t realize you had to add that!

Yup. It would be great to have that on Webflow University because it’s really NOT a no-brainer workaround for beginners :slight_smile:

By the way do you guys know if its possible to enable web Payments use Apple Pay and Pay with Browser through Paypal or just by using Stripe?