PayPal Checkout buttons not appearing

See above. It’s impossible to purchase anything from my Ecommerce website (lol) because they can’t get to the checkout page.

Someone have a fix?

Hey did you find a solution already? I´m having the same problem… no paypal checkout buttons are showing when added to cart…

Hi @oren and @olafur Would you be able to provide a read-only link to the site. I can take a look from here.

I have the same problem… I tried logging in to paypal to have it pop up automatically (just like in web payments) but to no avail. When should it trigger paypal?

Also, there’s no options (view, etc) to the feature of PayPal whatsoever to actually change stuff. There’s only the ‘checkout (paypal)’ page but I don’t know how to send users there.

It’s on the live site:

Hi @Milan, in order for users to be able to checkout with PayPal you will want to add the PayPal button to the cart. Here is a short video to further clarify:

Here is an article from the Webflow blog that goes over setting up PayPal in more detail:

Hope this helps!

oh wow, I totally missed that… very nice. Thanks it worked!

Ha ha thanks for showing it in our website, lol :slight_smile:

Bit of feedback, it would be nice to update the paypal documentation, I wasn’t looking at the actual blog to find answers.

Hello - thanks for sharing this. I’ve had the same problem. However this fix doesn’t help me get the customer to the checkout page. I need this in order for the customer to go through the shipping info and cost. Do you have a work around?
Note, I’ve also bought a template that has a seperate checkout page designed in the page templates that says ‘checkout Paypal’, which is a seperate page to ‘checkout’ (which is for the Stripe payments).
Any help would be appreciated - trying to launch a Paypal site asap


Hi, Did you ever get a good solution to this? I have the same need!