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Country Tax field issue between Germany and Austria

Hello guys,

I’ve always been a great fan of Webflow and have recommended you guys to many other people who started using your platform.

Now I have come upon a serious issue which is that it is not possible to change the “Country Tax” tag in the designer when activating automatic tax calculation.

Being from Europe, I must adapt this text to my language. But you have never programmed this feature.

So I wrote an Email to your support who just told me to “use the embed feature”.

I mean, really?

You advertise your project in such a way that you tell ppl they dont have to write code.

Your support merely told me to “use that” and didn’t show me how and where or which code I should use.

So I went through the forums and saw that many ppl have the same problem, not being able to change this field. We’re forced to embed custom code (JavaScripts!) from other people who help us here. but that is unprofessional and a security risk because most ppl can’t check these codes, yet we are forced to use them if we want to ever get our projects online.

Sorry guys, but that is not ok. I have always been a supporter of webflow but why don’t you fix/update this issue so that we can easily modify this “Country Tax” field?

It’s absolutely mandatory for all your customers from other countries who use other languages.

Also, I saw that some customers say that you delete helpful posts regarding this very issue.

A very concerning thing to be honest.

I hope this critical message will not be deleted and taken professionally, because this is an issue that has been ignored for a long time and that in itself makes me wonder if I am going to get stuck with webflow.

Another problem that I have is, that the automatic tax calculation function doesn’t work, so the taxes don’t change when I switch between Germany and Austria for example.

What should I do? I have tried hours to fix this but see no solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Cheers from Austria

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I can probably help you out with a fix for the ‘Country Tax’ field. What exactly is the issue with the tax calculation (as in what are you expecting it to do)?


thanks for the reply. I have used an observer mutation javascript that someone else has posted in another thread. it works and the “Country Taxes” - text can be successfully changed with it - but it is not a “clean” solution, mainly because I do not have the expertise to check the code for possible security issues. (But I am still glad I found a solution at all because without it, I couldnt start the project)

regarding the automatic taxation - it doesnt work.

When I use an Austrian address it shows me 20% tax which is ok cause thats the tax Austria has.

But when I for example use a German address I still get 20% tax even though Germany has 19%.

So it seems the tax-calculations do not adapt to the chosen country/address yet.

This is the last mile that needs a solution before we can go online.

I am glad for any help, thanks a lot

Best regards

Ok, regarding the custom code. I would say that a mutation observer is quite reasonable to use. The payment flow is validated on the server side so client side tampering with the page is mitigated. That being said if the javascript is being hosted externally then I would add an integrity check, if it has been embedded in your page source then provide the code is robust you should be ok. Happy to check it out for if you would like a 2nd opinion.
The tax calculations don’t appear to be well documented by Webflow, is it possible the calculation for EU region are incomplete? If your Nexus address was in Germany would the calculation be correct then?

starting from 1st of July 2021 - everyone who sells goods inside Europe to other European countries must use the tax of the country of the buyer.

So if we, as an Austrian company, sell our articles to Germans - we must use the German tax which is 19% and not our Austrian 20%.

This regulation is only semi-new though because up until now, this regulation only was relevant if a certain sales-volume of an online shop was exceeded (roughly 30000$)

But now, this limit is gone, and we are forced to always use the VAT of the country of the buyer.

That’s what I thought “automatic tax calculation” was for.

What should I do now?

I feel entirely stuck and have no idea how to solve this problem.

can you guys program this feature before 1st of July 2021 for your European customers?

ultimately, none of your European customers can operate or build ecommerce shops with webflow until this issue is fixed or updated.

I cannot roll out the business without this feature because if we dont follow this official regulation - the tax and revenue office will be knocking on our doors.

Really hope there is a solution, as this is relevant for all your European customers.

Best regards and thanks so much for your time sir.

(I will gladly post the mutation observer code later but let’s focus on one issue after the other, the tax thing being the greatest concern at the moment)

regarding nexus addresses: we dont have a physical construction shop or address in Germany. isnt that a must have to use a nexus address? because elsewise I would have to use some German fake address and I doubt that this is legal?

thanks for the input.

this whole thing is essential by the way for the entire European market - I have no idea why Webflow has been ignoring this until now.

Hi @Dom1!

Our team is currently still investigating this discrepancy between the Austrian and German taxes. We will let you know as soon as we have more information.