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Problems with automatic Tax calculation


I am setting up a webshop and have problems with setting up the taxes right. Maybe I just don’t get the logic behind the system.
Living in germany we have 2 VATs 19% and 7%

when creating a product i found the way to set a “Product tax class” but wich is the right for the taxes I need. I found no option wich resulted in correct Taxes.
For the shop now i would only need the 7% option because client is only selling roasted nuts

Do I just don’t get it or do I first have to publish the site to a ecommerce plan to get the right values calculated?

Unfortunately, you need to check taxjar documentation… And for France for instance, taxjar does a poor job (we have 3 VATs 20, 10 and 5,5% and taxjar only considers we have 20%).

Thanks for the quick reply.
That doesn’t sound good.
How did you manage to get around this problem?

We set the price tax included, and if a customer wants an invoice we have an automation loop that generates the pdf with tax breakdown.

Thanks for your help.

setting the price NOT to Tax included made the wrong calculation hidden on confirmation Page.

But @Webflow-Team. How is there no way to get this fixed, this is crucial for a shop. Luckily this time the shop is only b2c but for a b2b shop it would be necessary to get the Tax calculated right.

Hi Zickert, did you resolve the issue?