User not being charged for Taxes

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up an e-commerce for digital services. I followed the set up guide and the university videos about the e-commerce, but still the user won’t be charged for taxes.

I enabled the “standard automatic tax calculation” and disabled the “I’ve included all taxes in my prices” optios (see the pic below):

I enabled the auto tax calculation in Italy and in European countries, as below:

The Nexus address of the company is set in Italy. The odd thing is that when users go to their cart, they see a subtotal (see pic below):

Shouldn’t it be total? Has anyone any suggestion to make it work?


Here is my site:

I have the same problem on my site - buyers are not being charged sales tax.
I have Standard Automatic Tax Calculation selected for each of my products.
Did you fix this?

Yes, it is a bug in the Paypal checkout process. Webflow will calculate taxes only after the customer completes the Paypal checkout. The issue is also that the customer needs to allow the payment through its bank account, but taxes are not included in the approved price. I decided to use Stripe instead

How easy was setting up VAT with Stripe Tax?
Did you find difficulties along the way?

I used PriceWell for Stripe Tax and saved quite a bunch of time with Webflow integration.