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eCommerce granting access to download library

Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning a new project for one of my client. It’s about a relaunch and the site has a lot of requirement to fulfill. I successfully convinced her to go with Webflow on this. There is one challenge I don’t know how to solve with Webflow.

The site needs to have an e-commerce System with the ability to buy downloads either by a single payment or a subscription to gain access to a download library. The user needs to have the ability to login to his account and get access to the downloads as well as being able to change things like payment options, account information, password change etc.

I did a lot of research, also in this forum. I came to the conclusion that with Webflow there are no such e-commerce and account functions. Right?

Right now the site is built in Wordpress and has these functions using Woocomerce. My client also has high design expectations and Webflow is definitely the perfect solution for that.

Does anyone have any Idea how I can deliver these functions to my client? Maybe using a third-party implementation with Webflow. Exporting the Code and continue using Wordpress is not really a solution to go with. There is a lot of dynamic content on the site which needs to easily be edited by my client.

Anyone having a solution to go with? Open for everything.
Thanks a lot

Hi, it’s called digital products. And it’s not avalable in ecommerce v1, BUT it’s a planned update. Planned updates were listed on the previous version of the ecommerce page but they’re not anymore. I have a screen capture of it anyway, here it is.

I don’t know when this will be available.

Hi Vincent,

thanks a lot for your help and information.
Nice to hear that you’re working on it.
Problem is it’s a project I need to build for my client now, I just can’t wait.

Any Idea how to get this working now? Maybe using export, third-party integrations or Zapier?

I appreciate your help.

Oh I’m not, I’m not working for Webflow :slight_smile: I’m just a designer.

Yes there is surely a way to do it. There are 3rd party ecommerce solution that will allow for that for sure, I even wonder if you can’t do it entirely with Paypal and a paypal button (please google that).

I’m going to ask @zbrah, I think he knows a solution for that.

Sry. Just always seeing you around here helping people. My fault :wink:

Paypal is a good Idea or let’s say would be a good tradeoff because my clients want to offer different payment options. But still, how do I give them different access to the library depending which plan the selected?

Sounds amazing. Thanks a lot and thank you for helping me.

I just looked into Udesly but I’m not sure if that’s the way to go.

Hey @mic_goe you should have a look @foxy i know they do this kind of things.

Paypal could be a good option too, you can also do that kind of things with zapier but i don’t think it’s worth the time and money.
Hope this helps,

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@zbrah Thank you! I was literally just replying. :slight_smile:

@mic_goe Nice to meet you! Foxy can handle your digital products in Webflow. We’ve helped many Webflow users with this. Foxy handles the payments and secure delivery of downloadables. More info can be found here:

In addition, we have a new customer portal for platforms like Webflow coming very soon that will help in the other areas.

Please feel free to DM or email: We’re more than happy to walk you through things, put together a proof of concept, etc… all free of charge. You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here:


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@zbrah Thanks for reaching out

@foxy Sounds very good what you’re talking about. So you also have a User management Tool? Is it possible to test the functionality I need for my client? I need to be 100% sure that your System can solve my problems before I can start developing in Webflow. Otherwise, I may need to switch back to Wordpress and do the whole work again.

Thanks a lot for all of your help

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Hi @mic_goe.
Foxy manages customers and currently ties into your existing user base with single sign on. This means you can build out your own customer portal and pay gates (we’ve got a free WP plugin too:

The new customer portal (not available for testing yet) will work without having to provide your own user database. In addition, we’re testing a new pay gate/memberships feature that will work with platforms like Webflow.

Sorry there’s nothing to test yet, but even if you stay with WP for now, Foxy can help. We go where you go and work with your current and new set of tools.