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E-commerce features...without e-commerce plan


I have an e-commerce site built and running in Webflow but I am not fully satisfied with it. At the moment, Webflow lacks so many features I require to push my business to the next level.

I won’t make a full list of features I would require but basically it is all focused on :slight_smile:

  • cart management (draft orders, manual orders, cart saving, cart recovery)
  • enhanced transactional emailing

Since Webflow is not built-in with these features, I am looking for turnaround options.
It is mandatory to stay in Webflow in order to keep the customized experience. Shopify Buttons, Foxy, Stripe Checkout or any similar solution are not relevant since it require to get out of the main site and lose the main site feeling.

At the moment, I have Airtable as my main database and Integromat as the connexion tool. It is clear that Airtable would be the brain of my ecommerce site, acting as my back office. It is also clear that Integromat would handle the data connexion between all platforms required.

But I don’t know clearly how to handle the cart feature (MemberStack ?) and the payment feature (Stripe Elements ?).

I hope you guys can help me on this.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @martinreboux - we have an Abandoned Cart Recovery app for Webflow that might be part of what you’re looking for.

The app is currently in Free Beta but is actively recovering revenue for our current users. Would love to send you an invite and get you on it! :slight_smile:

Holler at me if you’re interested and I can help you get set up – only takes a couple minutes.

Hi @martinreboux.
Josh from Foxy here. I know you said Foxy is not a relevant solution, but I just wanted to clarify that all Foxy templates (cart, checkout, receipt) are 100% customizable with your own html, css, and js. We can even show you how to do some of the styling in Webflow.

Foxy was made for your exact use case… the platform you’re using doesn’t have ecommerce functionality, or the ecommerce functionality it has doesn’t meet your needs.

Manage products with Webflow CMS and easily bring in powerful ecommerce functionality. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help:


I looked at Foxy back in the days and was tempted to try. But since I am not a developer and got no coding skills, I was afraid of this solution. Yes all templates are customizable but when you don’t know html, css or javascript it’s like speaking another language.

Hi @martinreboux.
Thank you for your reply. Yes, styling Foxy templates is not as easy as Webflow. We’ve got new templates coming next year that will make it much easier.

Definitely let us know if we can help with anything.


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Webflow is a no-code platform allowing people to create stunning sites without being a developer.
Foxy is surely great but since it requires to be a developer to customize the feel and look of it, it doesn’t even talk to the majority of Webflow’s users.

Take the example of Memberstack. Even with no coding skills you can set up a membership feature to a Webflow site “just by” copy-paste. The front end is designed in Webflow, the backend runs on their side.

Hi @martinreboux
Thank you for your feedback. We understand we’re not a good fit for everyone. Please let us know if we can help with anything in the future.


Hey, did you find a solution to this? I want to use Webflow to make an Ecommerce site but with lots more features (and less cost) than Webflow Ecommerce!

You’ve described Foxy to a T. Learn more here. Please let us know if we can help with anything:


Does it support a members area and what if I want to change from Foxy? How would I export members and settings to transfer to another platform? How does it differ from Memberstack?

With our new drop-in customer portal, customers can login, view order history, manage their subscriptions, update billing/shipping/login info, and more, all inside of your Webflow site. This feature is currently in private beta. You can learn more and apply here. Invites are being sent in batches every week or so.

In addition, you can show/hide Webflow pages/elements based on any combination of the following:

  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer is logged out
  • Customer has an active subscription
  • Customer has an active subscription for a specific plan/membership
  • Customer has purchased a specific product

Transferring customers/subscriptions is possible, but it’s a case by case scenario. For example, data transfer will only happen with PCI compliant services.


That sounds decent, do you have an example video showing all the features and how it integrates?

There’s no video, but the link includes a tutorial and demo. The conditional show/hide functionality is handled with class names. Pretty straight forward.


I just tried it, what about viewing/downloading content based on whether it was purchased by a specific user? All I can see under ‘Orders’ is a link to the receipt.

I want to grant access to digital downloads to only people that have bought it whilst also allowing content such as videos to show them how to use the digital download.

Yes. This is possible with the conditional show/hide logic. For example, you could have a CMS Collection of downloads. Add a Collection List to a page called downloads. Each item gets a unique class name that Foxy will use to determine if it should be shown or hidden, based on if the logged in customer meets criteria (ex: has purchase a specific product)


Ok thanks for the info

Happy to help! Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.