Ecommerce functionality with user accounts

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to webflow and I was thinking about using it for my next client project, before I jumped in and started learning I wanted to make sure what my client wants to do is possible.

My client would like an ecommerce website, they would like for users to be able to make accounts, even offer different product discount to specific users.

They would also like a side bar on the shop page with filters, so users can filter the item buy colour and brand. Would this be possible?

I apologies if these are basic questions but I just wanted to be 100% sure.

I would normally use wordpress and woocommerce to create this kind of website but I’ve been really interested in learning webflow.

Thanks in advance for any help provided,

Sprint Studios

Hi Matt,

You can bring e-commerce into Webflow using third party e-commerce services (Foxy seems to be very popular among Webflow users). It’s kind of easy to integrate but all the settings, commerce, payment and product management is done on the third party service, Webflow only acts like a front end. The integration is good, but not complete. In other words, you won’t be able to manage products from Webflow CMS. EDIT: read further below, this may not be true regarding @foxy ecommerce solution.

About the user accounts: what you need is a user system and Webflow isn’t capable of this yet. Maybe in the future but as it’s probably not in development yet it’s not worth starting a project now and expecting such a feature soon.

The way you describe your project, it seems you and your client need a true e-commerce platform, such as Magento, Drupal Commerce, Woocommerce etc… (those are just examples, they may be outdated and there’s maybe better advices, I’m not very up to date in ecommerce solutions.

There’s maybe still a way to design templates in Webflow and convert them into Wordpress, tu use them along Woocommerce.

Sorry that none of my answers goes the way you expected :confused: I’m sure e-commerce is somewhere in the near future of Webflow, but just not now.

Hi there,

take a look at:

This is a way to go.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for the reply, it seems like webflow is so close to becoming perfect. It’s a shame the features aren’t available yet.

Thanks you for you help and advice.

@vincent Thanks for the mention!

@Sprint_Studios I wanted to clarify that with Foxy, products can be managed with Webflow’s CMS without your client ever having to leave Webflow. The initial store setup (settings, gateway, shipping, etc.) is done outside of Webflow, but after that your client can stay in Webflow.

The user accounts side of things would be handled on your website end (Webflow) Until Webflow releases user groups for website pages, we have a couple of workaround ideas that may help. Feel free to message me or email Also, I am available via chat and phone.


@josh I edited my contribution :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.

Thank you Josh, foxy sounds like it may just be the thing i’m looking for, I will be in contact.

@vincent Thanks so much!

@Sprint_Studios You are very welcome! Looking forward to chatting with you!

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