Dynamic Links from Multi-References for use in Blog

Hi guys,

I’m creating a blog that can be filtered by multi references. I have set up a collection for blog posts and a collection for categories. I have the main blog page set up with tabs for each category. So in this image you can see the filter for the current tab is set to show posts with the ‘personal’ multi reference

I would like to show each category or multi-reference as a clickable link on the blog template page. So when a user clicks on a link on the top of the blog template page, it will open up the category template page where all posts for that category will show.

It does not give the option to pull in the category name so I had to type the categories into a text field called 'Category) which isn’t ideal as the user would expect to be able to click on the category tabs. Also, it requires the blog writer to type in the categories by hand which will lead to error.

Is this a limitation with Webflow or am I going the wrong way about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a alot :slight_smile:




In order to display a list of multi-reference data you first need to add in a dynamic list. From there connect the data as normal.

Hope this helps :smile:

Hi Alex. Thanks for your reply. I have done that and it displays the full list of multi-references but I’m just looking to display the multi-references which apply to a specific blog post.

Make sure you select the muti reference option “category tags” it is the last option on the list. Don’t select the categories collection.

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