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Cannot add categories to Blog posts template or Collection items

Hi there,

I’ve set up Categories for the Blog as a Collection: both multi-reference and single reference, added content in there for all posts but when I try to add the actual category in either Blog posts template or Collection item div the multi-reference don’t even show up as an option and single reference shows up but cannot be clicked on. Does anyone know how to fix this?

thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @Kateryna in order to show the multi ref categories, you have to drop a collection list in and then bind it to that multi ref you’ve assigned for the post.

The reason the multi ref doesn’t show is that you’re trying to bind it to 1 single text block, when you need to display multiple, hence the collection list.

It’s a really quick process and you’ll be sorted in minutes :grinning: - see screen shots below.


Hope that makes sense.

Hello Esteban, thank you for your reply!

Not quite :slight_smile: - my collection is blog posts and categories are create as a separate collection (as advised by the webflow tutorials) so how do I bind it to the multi ref you’ve assigned for the post? In the screen cap it looks like you dropped in the categories list but collections cannot be added into one another :thinking: :thinking:

You’re not adding a collection into a collection as such.

You’re on the Blog Post Template Page (yes its a collection), but it is the blog post template page. And to showcase these bespoke tags you’ve referenced per individual blog post, you drop in a collection list element. From there you reference / bind / pull in the categories you’ve assigned.

You can, and you’re allowed to add a collection list on any page you like. If you add a collection list element onto a page, all you’re doing is simply displaying content, which is pulling from another collection - that’s it. It’s very powerful.

A really basic example… a website may have a brand/retailer collection and it may also have a discount code collection. On the brand page the website might want to display discount codes unique to each brand. Therefore you drop in a collection list onto the brand page, bind it to the discount code collection, and as long as the discount codes have been referenced to a retailer in the CMS (like you have done with the categories on the blog posts), then the correct discount codes will display.

This webflow video may help

OK that makes sense! Found a way to make those category names links as well but sadly it only works for single reference outside of the page template. Better than nothing for now I guess.

Thank you so much for your help!

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