Using multi reference fields to set up tagwords for blogs

I have added a multi reference field to my blog post collection template to reference a collection of tag words.
Each blogpost now has several tag words associated with it.

All looks good.


However, when I try and add this dynamic content to my blogpost template page it doesnt display it.

I can display the single reference fields i have also made but not this multi ref one.

Any advice

Share the public link of your profile so we can see this. Screenshots of the issue are helpful as well.

I thought of this problem too. Didn’t actually encounter it as I didn’t need the functionality.

I thought I would try using a list block instead of just a text block to pull multi-reference. That was the test I was thinking of at least, if it helps.

Worked it out. So I thought i would post what i did to make this

so first i made the ‘tag’ collection:

So then I create a list of tagwords to use - in the blogsite i am trying to create there would be a defined list of tags that all posts could utilise.

So then I added a multiple reference field to the blog post collection

and then I just added the relevant tags to each of the various posts

so that was straightforward.

the bit that didn’t go so smoothly was adding this to the blog post page template

but this is basically it …

Note I added a class to the ‘dynamic item’ div to style this.

This now works nicely. The tags are linked to a tag template page set up with a filter to just display ‘current tag’

hope this is of use to fellow webflowers. Its purely a rough testsite for now:


ok, now the next bit. I can click on the various tag words at the bottom of each post and I go to a tag template page that shows all other posts with that specific tag in

so the filter on each blog is to only show those with the current tagword in their taglists.



I need to of course at the top of the page show the ACTUAL NAME of the tagword - cant do that hence having written the silly title of ‘Blogs containing this tagword’

you can test the functionality by clicking on the tagwords below - they then change the filtered blog posts above.

so any one able to solve this - oh to understand php and be able to add a snippet somewhere to target that word

I would suggest to use 3 inline text blocks:
[Blogs containing] + [“tag name”] + [tagword]
Where is [“tag name”] will be connected to tag name field of the collection


Ha! omg i cant believe it’s that easy - just a text box. Geeze Sabanna, thankyou indeed, i’ve been fiddling about with dynamic lists for about two hours before posting for help.

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