Displaying category references linked to blog post collection

Hi guys!

So I almost managed to set up my blog :smiley:

BUT, I cannot find a way to add the categories to the Blog page (Blogg). If I add a text block and try to pull data from the Categories - only the text options from the Blog Posts collection appears in the list.

In this tutorial it shows how it should display at 17:20

In my search for an answer I found a lot of topics on the Categories, but not any solution.

You can find my blog at the very bottom of the list of pages. Here is my preview link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi @Malixten

Multi-references that are linked to a collection, can be displayed on the Blog Post template page, showing all categories for the current blog post. For dynamic lists placed on static pages, it is possible to display single item references, but not multi-reference field values. That’s why you are unable to see your collection in the list.

But, we do have a wishlist, and you can vote for that feature here: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-366 and here https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-15

​Hope this is helpful.

All the best,
Anna K

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