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Is it possible to allow website visitors to filter blog posts?

Hi guys. I’m looking for a way for people who visit my site to filter through my blog, so they are presented with only what they are looking for. Is this possible with Webflow? I’m looking to do something similar to the Webflow templates page, imagining that the templates are blog posts. But users will be able to filter by information about the blog post such as it’s category or date created. I believe the multi-reference field would be used to type keywords.

I tried to do this with text links and nav bars but to no avail as I could only create links to sites, another page, section on page etc. I also tried with tabs. I would appreciate your help :).



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Hi Niall,

Yes, it is totally possible, but the most and really only effective way of doing it is via the CMS. Before the CMS, I attempted to do it on my site and it was extremely messy and ineffective.

The tutorial for doing it in CMS can be found here:

I’ve also done it for the blog section on my website: so users can filter through the tabbed sections at the top of the Blog page.

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot Dan. I got it working. It appears that I can only have 1 category per blog post though. Some blog posts belong in multiple categories but it looks like I have to pick one even though there is a lot of crossover. On your blog, is there one category per post or could an SEO or social media related post appear in marketing as well etc…? Nice site :slight_smile:



I have used only one category for each blog post but you can use more than one. This is done using the multi-reference field when setting up the structure in your collection.

I believe that this is also highlighted in one of the videos in the CMS tutorials series.

Hope that helps :smile:

Thanks a lot Dan. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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