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Dynamic CMS item in a Form and send to Zapier?

I’ve been battling with setting up an events flow on a client’s site. He has used Eventbrite but it didn’t work out for the type of events he was doing. The plan is to try and do it without that.

I have a CMS event set up so he can create and publish the events. There’s a summary and a detail page. I’ve got a form that will be the same data capture for every event bar one item which is the name of the event. I thought I could add a dynamic field in here of the Event title within the form (and it all looked good).

But when I then try to use Zapier to fill out a Google Sheet it does not recognize the CMS field as it is not part of the form.

I have a crappy workaround where I will need to get the user to write/copy the CMS name which is a text field and paste it in a field. This is very bad UX.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this?

All forms will be the same it’s just the name of the event I need to go through to the sheet so the team on the other side can tell which customers want to go to which event. There may be 3 events with the same theme but at different locations.

Hope that makes sense.

Here is my public share link:

The public share link is your site, a Webflow read-only link would be more helpful, but here are my thoughts…

It sounds like whatever value you have in your CMS field, you submitted in your form and to show up in Zapier, yes?

If that’s the case, I believe all you’d need to do is add an Embed element, on your CMS Collection Page, with a hidden field, and add your CMS field to it.

<input type="hidden" name="my-cms-field-name" value="my-field-value-selected-from-drop-down">

Does that help?

I think this is going to work!

Just got to sort radio group in Zapier now.

Thanks @ChrisDrit!

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