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I’m trying to hook up a form to Zapier so that I can trigger an email marketing software to email that person a free content offering.

Since we have multiple free content offerings, I designed a CMS collection and template so they could be made easily. The problem I’m encountering now is that the same form is embedded on both pages, meaning that the email marketing software won’t be able to segment the users so we can send them the correct free content offering.

Is there any way to make it so that there is a unique form on each CMS page? I want them to look the exact same, I just want them to register as unique forms on the email marketing software.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the CMS pages:


Thanks so much for your time.

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I haven’t found a solution for this specifically. However, I set up a few fields in my CMS that allow me to use Conditional Visibility for each page. See the example below:

Then I created a form for each page, all with unique names. Afterward, I changed each form visibility to display whether a recording is on or off and which session the form is for. See below:

Once all of that was set up, I established a zap for each form to send to both MailChimp (what my company uses), and AirTable. See below:

I’d prefer not to use Zapier since it’s expensive, and am debating using Make since it has what I need as well. I’d rather just use webhooks directly to AirTable and MailChimp, but that’s a lot more work…

Like I said: I haven’t found a solution for this specifically.
I’m almost 100% positive that this slows page speed load time down too…

If anyone else has a much better solution, I too would love to hear about it as well!

The best approach is to have one form, not many, and inside the form container add a custom code element that uses a hidden input field with the value set to a CMS collection field that holds the list name for the item. On the other side you simply parse the value of the hidden field to add them to the correct list. Simple. See How to Add Hidden Form Fields to Forms - Community resources / Webflow Tips - Forum | Webflow

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I tried this method a bit ago, but it wouldn’t allow form submission since each one of the hidden fields was marked as required for other pages.