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Form in a collection to automatically send the name of the collection item as well as user data

I have a form on a collection page that is sending through via a zap to a spreadsheet for data collection. But because it is on a collection page I would like the form to detail which item in the collection the form was submitted from.

Any one got any ideas how I can do this?

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You can add an Embed element within your form on the Collection Template Page:

  <input type="hidden" name="_INSERT_FIELD_NAME_" value="_INSERT_FIELD_VALUE_">

Replace _INSERT_FIELD_NAME_ with the field name in your Collection Item.

Replace _INSERT_FIELD_VALUE_ with the :point_up_2: above field value by dynamically inserting from the “field” link within the Embed element.

Thanks Chris!

I will give this a go now.

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Thanks Chris, worked like a charm. I completely missed that “add field” button in the top right of custom code too. That thing is a game changer!

Have a lovely day!

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