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Connect contact form on CMS pages to different email addresses (with Zapier)


I have a challenge for you.

  1. I have CMS collection of team members which creates a CMS page for each member.
  2. There is a contact form on each CMS page which allows users to send a message to the team member who’s email address is recorded in their CMS item.
  3. I tried using Zapier but am unable to add a hidden dynamic text field (with the CMS item email address) within the contact form, so that I can select it in the ‘To:’ field in Zapier, so that I an automate the message being sent to the individual team member.


Does anyone know how to add a dynamic text field referencing the CMS item email address to a contact form (so that I can select in the form submission zap in Zapier — in the send email ‘To:’ field?
Alternatively, is there another way for the contact form on a CMS collection page to point to the different team members email addresses?



Hi Alume,

I’m not sure if this will work but maybe you can have the CMS field there, but then through the CMS have it be hidden, that way you might be able to still pull that information. So it’s not hidden in the CMS, but it’s hidden visually if that makes sense.


The issue is that it seems to need to be a form element in order for Zapier to pick it up in the form submission data.

I have tried using a form label but this hasn’t seem to have worked.

Any thoughts?


Can you share your project’s read-only link so we can see exactly how your form is set up / see what dynamic text field you’ve tried to use?

I have an idea that might work but uncertain as it’s not something I’ve tried before.

The issue is that Zapier can only choose form elements in the send email ‘To:’ field.

For example, the form is:

Name (Text Field)

Message (Text Area)

Email (Text Field)

Submit (Button)

I’ve tried adding a form label (text element) within the form and hiding it, however as it’s a text element and not a form field element, Zapier doesn’t see it in the dynamic send email ‘To:’ field.


Without being able to replicate this via use of a share link (if you can’t share the project you’re working on for any reason, can you replicate the issue in a new project?) I think you’re going to struggle getting help on this issue.

Maybe try creating a unique zap for each team member, then using filtering in zapier to only execute the email sending to the team member if the hidden form area is equal to that persons name, aka the form from that team member’s dynamic page.