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Creating a dynamic webflow form and adding integrations

Hello, I am fairly new to webflow and I have a client that needs me to build an event website. I will be using CMS to create each event that he can later on add to the events. However, on the events template after adding the events to the CMS, I need to add a form that has different show times on the drop down per event. The show times will vary per event and this is why I would like this form to be dynamic so that my client can add the different show times per event that he has to add in the future and these show times would appear on the drop down for this form.

Aside from this, once the user clicks on register for that specific event showtime, a unique zoom link will need to be sent to their email depending on the specific showtime for that event that they have signed up for. I was thinking that the best way to do this was to use zapier to integrate mailchimp and zoom, however I am still unsure as to how the user would get a unique zoom link for that event depending on the show time they select from the webflow form drop down.

I would really appreciate if someone can clarify if I am able to make these two things happen. Most importantly, if I can have the webflow form to work properly where my client can just input the show times in the editor (or somewhere) and they can appear on the form dynamically for the user that is registering for that showtime can select from the drop down and they would receive a zoom link.

Thanks in advance!