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Does Webflow have 'master pages'?

Most of my sites are around a dozen pages. Most of these pages use the same page layout and exactly the same header and footer. Does Webflow use ‘master pages’ to help keep everything consistent? Can I use ‘includes’ to keep the header and footer consistent?

No it does not. Most people work around this by using symbols.

So I would make the header, footer and any other consistent elements a symbol? And I can edit the symbol and the changes would be made throughout the site? Thanks

If those pages could be a part of a CMS collection, maybe that could also solve your problem as well. Collection pages work like templates + you can have some conditional visibility within.

Like @webdev said that isn’t a Webflow feature, but while using symbols you can essentially do it yourself.

You can create a ‘Master Pages’ folder, then build template pages and nest them under the folder. It isn’t necessary to have them nested under a folder, but I’m assuming if you are looking to use master pages you’re probably building a site with lots of pages; easier to keep them in one place.

When you want to use one of your master templates, just go to the page settings and duplicate the page you want, then drag it to where it should be placed in your pages panel, set the page name/slug/seo/etc. like any other new page.

If you do things this way and you are really disciplined with your classes you can make style changes from template/master and it will be global across all pages. Use combo classes for page-specific styling needs.

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I find collections quite hard to get my head around.

It seems that the client would have to add new content to a collection (for example about a new workshop say) and that this would then automatically generate a new page (about the new workshop)?

I was hoping that it would be the other way around: a client creates a new page, based on a template, and then adds content to the new page, right on the page (with no need for a messy backend content management system).