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Is it possible to create a master page?

Hey i was just skimming threw it and saw some different of the tutorials and i noticed when some where showing with pages that i didnt see any master page … is it possible to construct it with a master page or ?

If I understand you correctly it work little like this. You set styles to your elements and then reuse them. There’s no option to set a master page. One way to do it is make a new page and name it style. In there you throw in all the headings, paragraphs different containers you think you will use and forms, buttons, link etc. Once they are there set some basic styles to the body tag. Then style the different elements to your liking. Then you can start making your pages, home, contact and more. And whenever you need change something or add go to your style page.

Hope it helps and makes sense.
(there are discussions about building a default style page in the designer, but if and when I don’t know)

okay Hmm was not what i was going at, but dont know the total build op from webflow is, i guess i can do as i normal do at times when i work with dreamweaver, make the pages here drag it over to Visual studio use what parts of a page or only have made the header and footer then ya dynamic yes ?? it would work ?
i hope this is understanderble i’m to tired to think straight at this hour

You can also use “symbols”. Say you have a footer that’s the same on all pages. Set the footer as a symbol. When you change something inside it will change on every page it is currently at. So when your making another page drag all the symbols you have into that page.

Its just more i work with one, and ya he’s programming in, and i usally make the webdesing, then go over and ya as i said make a master page there drop the other content in the other pages, its more he’s doing the heavy work and i know he would die over it if he should work with static pages… i get what u are saying its just more if it was possible to actually export it, and then use it as i want cause i can see this as a effectiv tool but if i cant with what i want drag it over in VS, its kind of useless for the big projects since its usally threw his work we make the most money… but is it possible to do or not ?

If not i can still see my self using it, since it looks nice and easy, and love what i saw of few demos with the 3d elements u got going here…
its where i usally use something like adobe edge for something similar since i cant sit and imagine how the things should move with out seeing it xD

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My previous work is very Adobe heavy, so I too think in “master pages” and “paragraph styles”. My work around is very similar to what @jorn suggests. I build a site I call a “Style Guide”. I try to build out the bulk of the formatting that I intend to use on more than one project (next time I will also include some buttons, widgets, symbols and menu functionality too). Anyway, when that site is complete-ish, I clone it to begin the actual site I’m working on, leaving the original untouched for future use. Not perfect, but definitely helps with consistency and the huge initial time investment pays off later. (I hope!)

If you wish, before you publish, you can simply delete the “style guide” page(s).

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