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Build Master Header, Nav and footer


New to Webflow, another Muse convert.

How do we build a master item, such as a Header, Nav and Footer so that I can use on every page easily.
It seems right now I would have to build the header, nav and footer for each page. Which can make items be off position, etc. I am guessing its something easy, or that I am missing. But I am still getting used to Webflow structure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have tried the Duplicate page option, which does indeed duplicate the page and I can rename the Duplicate.

However each change I make on one page, impacts or changes the other page.

How do I unlink those properties after the page duplication is done? (If this is even the right to do this…)

Thank for your input and tips


Duplicating pages is a functionality that can have benefits for specific purposes. Backgrounds, custom code used in sections that repeat, etc. However, it’s actually better to create your components, turn them into symbols and insert into new pages. It’s process that allows you to select where you want the major components to be placed.

Just create a new page and insert symbols to simplify the process. :grinning:

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Hi Jose!

Happy to help with this question!

You can use Symbols for each element and just drag them into the new pages:

Hope this helps :wink:

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AH HA!!!
You are both wonderful!! I knew it had to be something simple.

I justneed to get used to the interface and items more. I am basically rebuilding my business site right now in WebFlow which I had created in Muse previously.

This helps so much!!!

Huge huggs!!


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No problem. Have fun!!

Hello, I have 100 pages in my site, with no footers. I created a footer, and made it a symbol. Is there any way to apply this symbol to all the pages without having to do it page-by-page?

@pathfinder => No there is not. Static pages are well… static.