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Noob question: defining master pages?

I’m in the process of evaluating Webflow for planning & prototyping embedded hardware web applications (i.e. server is running Linux on a small box not connected to the internet -for example think of your typical home router setup screens).

I’ve gone through most of the tutorials but I can’t seem to find the answer to a rather basic question, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Typically there would be about 4 basic page designs and maybe 20-40 pages in the system. Common elements in the basic pages would be combinations the background, menu/navigation, and status information. When I create a new page how do a base it on a “master” (sorry not sure what the right term is here) so that if we want to update the (lets say) background we just change it on the master? Or if we want a new page we just create a new page and attach (derive?) it from the appropriate master?

Symbols let me have common objects across the site, but I’m looking for the equivalent with regards to the pages themselves. e.g. I would create a set NavBar symbols for each of the possible NavBars, but what I want to do is something like "change all pages based on Master Page A to use NavBarXX instead of NavBarYY"

I did look at the CMS related topics but those don’t apply here. Each one of the 20-40 pages are different in terms of the objects that are on them.

Hopefully I explained it clearly enough - I’m still learning what webflow can do. Thanks for any advice/pointers.

The first page you create is index or home page.

You can assign this status to any page in your site.

If you create an About page… then reassign it as your index / home page…
the about page becomes index.html.

The html extension is set. You cannot have it be htm or php etc.

Symbols are basically templates that you can add onto any page.

If a symbol exists on 2 pages… changing a symbol on a page will update every page where the symbol exists.

You cannot create page templates.

@Revolution Thanks for the reply. If I understand that last comment then if I want to (lets say) change the background on all my page I have to go edit each page individually?

I see that (in a paid version so I can’t test this) I can add custom code to each page which would get me something to change things globally on all pages, but there’s no solution to define something for a specific subset of pages?

Kind of (to me) seems like a basic capability to define a common base page(s) to derive other pages from. That’s why I figured I was missing something from the documentation. Not the end of the world since we’re only looking to use this tool to demonstrate functionality vs. ready to release html, but it would be nice bonus if the developers could use this for deployment.


It depends on your knowledge of jquery and css.

If you class the body… then every page that uses that class would contain the same background.

You could class a div with a base background image and subclass additional pages.

Or if you wanted to get fancy… you could use jquery to dynamically change the background.

Try this

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I’ve still got a lot to learn (jquery being one of them). I didn’t think about making a set of body classes. Thanks for example/guidance. Probably if I think about it more I can figure a way to do most of what I was thinking of with respect to a set of master pages by a creative mix of classes and visibility.

Thank you for your help

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