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What are your tips for prototyping a design and having consistency across pages?

Even though I am using Symbols, I am finding that some of my pages are missing pieces as I continue to tinker with what I want for my page title area.

Is there a way to create a symbol for page titles that dynamically pulls in a value for page titles across a site? (I did see a wishlist item for something similar) Or – do you need to do this individually for each page? If individually for each page, what tips do you have for ensuring consistency not just for the page title area but other items one may want to have on pages?

Combining symbols into a nested symbol does not seem to be possible.

I’ve also experimented with creating a generic symbol that I then unlink and tailor for each page.

Any tips you have for ensuring consistency across pages appreciated.


Maybe creating a Style Guide before you start designing would be the answer here. Webflow has a very interesting article here if you want to check it out:

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Thank you @aaronocampo. I had not seen this.

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