Only 100 items per collection?

I’m writing a post because it doesn’t really make sense but why would Webflow only allow a max of 100 items per CMS Collection? Seems like this could really limit a lot of users in content creation if they have more 100 blog posts, clothing articles, or whatever it may be. Perhaps I’m missing something but this definitely seems like it should be a feature added soon.

CMS Collections don’t have that limitation, you can have 2,000 total items on the CMS plan, and 10,000 on the business plan.

However Collection Lists elements do have a 100 limit and most likely it was for page rendering and downloading performance reasons. To go beyond that, you use pagination, or, if you really want to, there are some script-based extensions like Finsweet’s infinite scroll, or Sygnal’s de-paginate.

In general though, you should use those with care since it will crush your performance and your Google Lighthouse score.

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Thank you for clearing this up!

I actually figured this out right after I posted it but I’m sure someone can benefit from this as it’s easy to misunderstand.