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Do my clients need to pay for site plan and hosting both. If not what is the difference

----------Hi, I am a designer in Sri Lanka and we don’t have client billing available in our country. So I need to know the way I can do a client project. I love to work with webflow but I have this question "what type of account should my clients have?’. Thank you!. Please Reply.
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Hey @pasindu_premarathne

Welcome to the Forum and glad to hear you love working with Webflow!

There are two options you have, that I would recommend.

First, you could manage all of your clients projects within your account. Instead of using Client Billing, you would purchase hosting, and then charge them for it outside of Webflow.

The second option would be for you to design the site, and then transfer the site to a customer owned Webflow account. Once transferred all they would need to do is purchase a Site hosting plan. They generally would not need an Account plan. (However you would need an account plan to transfer the project to them)

I hope that helps.:grin:

Thank you @Drew_Schafer. I got an idea and love the forum and grateful for your support. Thank you again.

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