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Site Plan vs Client Billing

Hi everyone,

This is my first time launching a site on WebFlow, and I’m hoping to get some insight on setting up billing.

This site is for a client.
I have an account plan (which it seems like I might not even need), but need a site plan to publish their site using their custom domain.

It seems like I have two options when it comes to billing:
1.) Set up the site plan using their payment information
2.) Set up client billing

I do not plan on profiting from client billing, as they will not need site maintenance on a regular basis. With that in mind, is there an advantage to one over the other? Seems like it’d be easier to set up their site plan using their billing info. Also, I want them to have ownership over the site, so I’m leaning towards setting up a site plan with their info; However, I’m new to this, and curious if there’s something I’m unaware of or what the standard approach is here.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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That’s what you want to do considering everything you have said.

Thanks Dram!

If I set up a site plan using their billing info, that gives them ownership of the site?
And I would add myself as a contributor? Or would I still be the main contributor/owner since it’s under my account?

The later is fine, just want to make sure I don’t lock myself out of it, as we are finalizing design + settings.

No, what you need to do is make them create Webflow account, transfer your project to them and then they will set up a site hosting plan using their billing info. They can give you credentials for this account so that you cold make edits and adjustments when encessary.