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Account plan or site plan

Hi All,

I am new to webflow, and I have a client, a background house wallpaper supplier, would like to host on webflow service, would need an e-commerce website to run the business, and CMS so the client can update new blogs, contents, products on the website.

This will be my first client, and I am curious whether should I go for the site e-commerce plan, USD 29, or account lite plan, 16 USD billed annually.

I am a fresh new freelancer web designer and need to know how much it cost to the client for webflow hosting service, and plan as well. Of course, the design fee is not included.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello. You are a new user to Webflow? What you have a client or new client? You are a new freelance web designer.

Say they do not understand why explain to how account plans choose one option: Free STARTER, LITE or Pro?

What there is free forever? do not know when you host with webflow? Or you can free one host only example webflow.oi. What do you mean free for freelancers with client billing? Which get a free individual for freelance, or freelancer include with client billing.

Say Lite, do not understand “A plan that lets you export your code for use in other environment or build prototypes”? Think that is good individual for a freelance need build prototypes and code export.

Say Pro, do not know which is one active freelance or one web designer want more projects or unlimited projects, any etc. Do not premium features! It like best is active freelance choose one which freelance web designer.

Thank you for helping!

Hey @Yusion_Niew Welcome to the forum. :wave:

Account plans are for you, the designer. Often times, you can get started using the free account plan.

With a paid account plan you unlock enhanced staging, which is good to help design sites before they are ready for a custom domain and hosting.

In order to add a custom domain and hosting to a project you need a site plan. This is generally what you would on charge to your client in some way.

Certain features are only available on projects if you have a site plan as well.

If you are just starting off with one project. I would recommend getting a site plan for that one project. Then as you start designing more get an account plan so you can design multiple unhorsed projects at once.

Hope that all makes sense. (Writing as I am rocking my baby to sleep. Haha)

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Say for what account plans, it has good both freelance web developer or designer, and web designer. Yes, that is right you can get a free one is the account plan. To purchased the account plan can unlock staging? What is a good to help design sites? Yes, can need custom domain and web hosting, different free one host example webflow.oi.

thank you!

@Drew_Schafer, got it! Thanks for your kind advice!

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