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DNS input problem with basic admin panel form free domain provider! (Croatia)

Hi all!
I need really big help!
My domain provider has limited administrator panel for DNS input.
As they stated: " Only NS and A records can be entered within the free domain administration interface. For all other records (MX record, CNAME record, TXT record, etc.) it is necessary to contact your hosting provider" (I paid Basic Website plan with Webflow)

So my problem is - how to connect Webflow with my domain , and how or where to ad MX records for Google Workspace ?! … There is no way to verify my ownership to my domain with this admin panel.

Admin panel is very basic and they replied “there is no other way” ?!

Any suggestions?

Btw, I am pretty sure that all my problems would be gone if I buy another domain name from GoDaddy, Bluehost etc… Am I right?
But problem is I really like and need domain I got from them (state owned free domain for small business)

Thanks for all the help I can get!

Hey @khorvat

Welcome to the forum!

So from what you have provided it does not look like you will be able to point the needed DNS records directly to Webflow using the DNS administration provided from your Domain Registrar.

However since you can edit your nameservers not all is lost.

I would recommend you look into CloudFlare. They provide free DNS hosting. All you need to do is point your name servers to them and you should then be able to add in all of the DNS records you may need.

One little tip with using CloudFlare. When adding in your DNS records, specifically those for Webflow (the two A records and one CNAME record) make sure you do not use the CloudFlare DNS Proxy. When you add your records in make sure they have a grey cloud for DNS only, and not the Orange cloud.

All the best!

Hi @Drew_Schafer

Thanks for the welcome!

It seems that I managed to set it all together.
It was basically straightforward after realizing I can setup CloudFlare and through their admin panel setup Webflow and Gmail. (Problem was my free domain provider as I stated)

Firstly I configured DNS entries to friends home server and waited them to propagate so CloudFlare can “see” my domain. Then I entered CloudFlare DNS entries.
From there was simple, following easy tutorial.

Thank you for your time and great tip (DNS only, gray cloud)!

Have a great day!