Custom domain not working?


Little background: I am updating a website for my company. The website was very outdated and needed an update. I made the website in webflow. Old designer made it in dreamweaver.
GOAL: To connect the domain with webflow.

I am not very familiar with dns settings, so I asked the domain provider if they could add the webflow records and delete the unnecessary ones (I sent them the webflow video how to do it).

Few hours later and there are still issues with the website.

Anyone know how to fix this?

PS: DNS provider is dutch.

The “Name” field isn’t visible on your hosting provider dashboard. Have you double checked to make sure they match the @ and www that webflow requires?

recordnaam = recordname, translated to english.

Whenever I try to type ‘@’ in the recordname field, it doesn’t appear. just the domainname. I guess it’s their way of doing dns records :S

your two A records and your CName is not published by your DNS provider. Use to check it

Ooh that’s weird. How can you publish it then?

there must be somewhere a save or publish button in your DNS interface

I checked it, and there is no such button. When you add or edit a record it saves it automatically :frowning:

Then you might have to wait a couple of hours before it will show up. officially it can take 48 hours before the DNS records are propagated, but I never had to wait longer than 2 hours.

If the DNS records are still not fixed after 2 days, time for another dns provider? (they also don’t know what to do and said I had to message webflow)

yes, we only use cloudflare for our DNS

So the only thing I can do is wait and pray?
There must be something else

change DNS provider, go to Cloudflare, takes only 30 min and you are running