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Website Custom Domain Registrar

Hello, I recently paid for the Basic Site Plan and created a Custom Domain for my website. When I did this, on the custom domains area it says “Visit the admin console of your domain registrar (the website you purchased your domain from)” but I purchased the site plan from Webflow so I am not sure how I am supposed to edit the DNS. Do I have to purchase something additional on top of paying the annual site plan on Webflow, if not what do I have to do to edit my DNS records and have my website actually published with a custom domain? Thank you.

So Webflow does not provide you with the actual domain name for your website. They provide their design platform and hosting. You will need to purchase a domain name separately from a domain registrar. Then you can setup the DNS records with the registrar to link up your Webflow site.

Depending on your country there are probably quite a few registrars available. GoDaddy is a well known big one. I personally use they even have a one click DNA setup for Webflow to make it easy.

So you will have to purchase the domain name seperate from Webflow, but they aren’t too expensive.

Hope that helps.