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Distorted Editor fields?!

I’m seeing such weird behaviour in the Editor. All fields are blown up like this:

I don’t have any site-wide CSS code that might trigger this. Does anyone know what’s happening here?

Okay, it looks like this is only occurring on Firefox (Mac here). Should be an easy thing to fix, Webflow?

One of my clients pointed this out, too. She couldn’t see any of her site’s Collections beyond the first one. The error is happening for all similar lists/tables in the Editor in Firefox.

Webflow team, I quickly poked around in Firefox and it looks either of these 2 options could fix this UI bug:

  1. removing height: 100% from .w-editor-bem-Table_Row
  2. giving the table rows’ parent (.w-editor-bem-Table_Body) display: flex; flex-direction: column

FWIW I tested both of these possible fixes on Chrome and Safari and I saw no visible, negative impacts for either of those browsers. If I could submit a pull request I very happily would :slight_smile: Until this is addressed, I will tell my clients to use Chrome or Safari.