Editor forms overflowing text

Just built a quick form and noticed that when viewing form submissions in the Editor, the values in the header of the form are breaking out the table as shown below.

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This is a bug (CSS styles) - anyway you create very long form names

Do you have previous care/support working experience? (“for the user” label and/or placeholder)

For you: name: experience it’s enough

This is why you find this bug :slight_smile: (99.9% of the time the “name” is short)

  • name: Specifies a name used to identify the form
  • placeholder is the text that displays in an empty input field
  • Label — A label is used to describe the function or purpose of a form field
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Hi @ConnectCreativeDes

Thanks for posting about this — it definitely looks like a glitch.

I’ve reported this to the team and we will start working on a fix. Is this same issue happening in the form tab of the project settings, or only in the Editor?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Looks like its fixed now? In the Editor, its now ‘cut off’ instead of overflowing, but in Settings it shows the complete title correctly.

Thanks for the update @ConnectCreativeDes :tada:

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