Formatting is ok in the editor but broken in browsers

Our site was fine last week, but something changed — not sure what — and now formatting is off.

For example, on our pricing page, the toggle is giant. Buttons are too wide and tall, nav drop down boxes are too tall, and testimonial boxes are some pages are stacked instead of side by side. I can see an error in the Chrome console, but I’m not sure what’s causing it. (BTW, this issue is in Firefox and Safari too)

In the Webflow editor, everything looks fine. I don’t see any new classes that have been added or anything that has changed. I’ve looked at several backups, but they all look the same, ie, everything looks the same, so I’m not sure what date I should roll it back to.

Any suggestions on what to try?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - New Sajari

If you inspect that page and the problem elements in the browser devtools you can see the CSS that is causing you issues. You can head back into the designer and make changes as needed.

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The issue was global, and it turned out it was not the on-page CSS but rather a 3rd party javascript service that was borked. Once we removed it, everything snapped back into place.

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