Editor acting funky

The editor is acting very weird… Is anyone experiencing this?

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It’s pretty difficult to diagnose any issues without some extra info.

Would you mind giving some more details on what you’re experiencing so we can help diagnose the problem?

Things were working fine up until about an hour and a half ago, now I’m getting weird rendering in the editor when in desktop view, hope that makes sense.

Here’s another screenshot, notice how the style bar is missing info

And when I switch to Tablet down to mobile, things look ok. Weird…

Another screenshot desktop view, see the style panel…

I appreciate the extra screenshots and information on what you’re experiencing :webflow_heart:

Webflow uses both a Designer and an Editor, however it looks like you’re referring to issues with the former based on your screenshots. Can you confirm the problems persist in an Incognito window with all extensions disabled? It’s not uncommon for browser extensions to cause wacky behavior with Webflow given it’s a browser-based tool.

If it persists without any extensions enabled, I’d recommend you reach out to support to see if they have any extra information to provide. I’ve been using the Designer myself this afternoon and haven’t noticed any of the same issues you’re mentioning, so it sounds like an isolated issue. The status page appears to show no issues on their end, so I’m inclined to think that it’s not widespread.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I’m just a customer like yourself so my ability to diagnose specific quirks with the platform are limited. Hope things resolve themselves :crossed_fingers:

Thanks much for your help… It was something to do with Typekit, switched to Safari, and got it working somehow.