Using external database in webflow

What are my options and how would I set it up to use an external database instead of webflow for data?

Why not webflow?

I am looking to build a real estate idx search site.

Currently we have 5,000 homes a week hit the market. As they sell I want to retain their data…I will use up the max 100k limit before I launch my site.

I need to be able to store tons of data and fields and also deliver them quickly.

(I know there are enterprise solutions available but I want to avoid that I’m not an enterprise with enterprise budgets)

Is there a way to use external data sources for thousands of listing pages and still have speed or is my best bet to design in webflow and self host elsewhere?

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Hello @Ilyafish,

You should contact webflow directly. I know that for additional cms items, once you get to your limit, you can pay for more. I think it is like 10$/month but don’t know exactly how many more items that will get you. I hope this helps.

Design your site with webflow and implement a CMS system that has no limits and can work with IDX data or use a solution that remotely displays data via embeds.


Thank you. Can you PM me CMS systems that you suggest looking into for that?

I’d love to hear about what CMS’s @webdev suggested!
Also, @Pablo_Cortes - did you ever confirm that we can pay to increase the 10k CMS item widget? I’d prefer that over a separate CMS…I think :thinking:

Hello @EvanD,

That is what I think based on something I saw in the forum. Now I am not 100% sure. I think if you contact support they will be able to answer that for you quickly.

FYI @Pablo_Cortes, I did confirm that there is a hard 10k limit, even on enterprise accounts. :confounded:

Got it, thanks for the update @EvanD.