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Can I display an Airtable base into a Webflow site?

I am exploring Webflow for creating a new site, and am unsure of how I might be able to do something. I am a seller of domain names and have several thousand in an Airtable base. I’d like to create a site which includes the ability to show the domain names in lists, with the ability to sort and filter by various fields. But I do not know how I can display the Airtable records in a Webflow site. I’m pretty good technically, but not a developer.

It’s not critical that changes to my Airtable base be reflected immediately in Webflow, although that would be awesome, of course.

  • Is there a way to display Airtable views in Webflow? I do not want to use the embed code Airtable offers because I don’t want this to be in an iframe.

  • Can Webflow call the Airtable API to read the records and display them? This would require me to hire a developer for that part, I assume. Unless there is something built in to work with APIs.

  • Can I import the Airtable base into Webflow initially, and then every few days or so easily reimport the base to update it? Would have to be something as simple to do or it will become too much work.

I hope this gives you an idea of my needs. I’d really appreciate hearing any ideas on how this could be done in Webflow.

P.S. I come from a Wordpress background and Webflow looks REALLY exciting in comparison. I’d sure like to use it!

Hi @slobizman

Have a look at this article in webflow uni
this should clear it up for ya

Doesn’t that result in an iframe on the page, which is what I don’t want?

Have you tried downloading your airtable as CSV and using Webflow’s CMS import for the initial import?

You could then setup integromat or zapier to update Webflow whenever your Airtable changes.

Judging from what I see at Zapier, they have actions that can add records, but I don’t see any that update. I’m not very familiar with Integromat, but will look into it. Thank you.