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Database with millions of records + Webflow

Hey all, brand new to Webflow and have a quick question.

If I have a database of millions of records can I use Webflow to have users interact with it?

I know Webflow has a limit of 10k unique pieces of content in the CMS, so is it possible to host the database externally, use an API call to search the database on the end user’s input, and display the results back in Webflow?

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Hey Patrick!

Welcome to the Webflow forums! My gut wants to say yes to your question, but I am honestly not a hundred percent certain. If it is possible, it would require a lot of custom code. At that point, the data wouldn’t even be able to be parsed through the CMS, it would have to be hosted solely through the external database. The only way I can think of it to work would be if you did a call to the database, which would then display the data on the page (which is I think what you were getting at in your question). It would require a good amount of JavaScript to do that though.