Integration of database to webflow website

Hi guys,

We have just started using Webflow. We would like to build a website where users answer some questions and are then presented with solutions based on their answers.

On the website, we also need to display some numbers and graphs over time, and ideally, these numbers should be retrieved from a database.

We are unsure about the easiest way to import the data from a database into Webflow. We have set up an SQL database, and I can see that using an API and JS, we can fetch data into Webflow, but I’m not sure if that’s the best solution. I have also noticed that some people use Airtable as a database.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to import data (MySQL, Airtable, or other suggestions) and then present that data to the user?

We also need to be able to store the user’s answer data in a database over time.

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