Directory list for hair shops

Good afternoon. I’m looking to make a hair directory, where members can sign up and list their business, location and resume. Like a “Yellow Pages” listing. I want the potential members to be able to sign up, and their list shows up, when customers do a search within the States, towns cities. Is this possible? Or is this too complex for the Webflow program? Thanks in advance.

I have built similar models to what you describe for leaders in that industry. I personally would not look at Webflow as a viable tool to do it. Design yes, platform no. Main reasons would be not being able to create paths like /state/city/type/entry paths and running into number limits on collections. I would run into states that average over 10K licensed cosmetologists, and had to build a large multi state solution. I built a custom framework in that case. In addition any time you have end users submitting content for processing, you need a review process and you have to filter out spam / hack submissions.

I would look at Webflow for a limited proof of concept and working out all the UI / design issues. It would be stellar for that process.

This is just an experienced opinion. Your mileage may vary. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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Thanks for you reply, point of view and experience.