Directory Website build in Webflow

I have a potential client who would like me to build a directory website of coaches based in my country. The customer will sign up to a subscription in order to be listed in the directory. The listing will include who they are, location, images etc. I would assume that the client would like that once the customer signs up, they will upload all their info and the listing will be created automatically.

I am wondering if anybody knows what might be the best way in order to achieve this.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Simon, this might help you get started.

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Hi @Simon_Davis.
Josh with Foxy here. I’ve personally built something almost exactly like what you’ve described: Here’s the tech stack:

  • Webflow (website and hosting)
  • Foxy (subscriptions and one-offs)
  • Airtable (data source of truth)
  • Whalesync (Airtable and Webflow CMS syncing)
  • Jetboost (data filtering and searching)

Happy to help get you pointed in the right direction if you have any questions or need help getting in started:


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To build a directory website for coaches with user registration, subscription payments, and automatic listing creation-

You can utilise a content management system (CMS) like WordPress coupled with a directory plugin. These plugins typically offer features like front-end submission forms, user registration, profile management, and listing creation.

With the plugin’s configuration options, you can set up user registration, integrate payment gateways for subscriptions, customise the submission form fields, and automate the listing creation process based on user submissions.

Additionally, you can implement search and filtering options, manage subscriptions and renewals, and customize the design and styling to match your website’s branding.

Hope it helps!