Review and booking site with login system. Is it possible?

Greeting All.

Is it possible to build a site similar to ? A review and booking site that allows salons to login and input they information, images and prices. Customers can register, search salons and book or buy services.

Thank you.

Webflow doesn’t support user login systems (users registering). With the Webflow CMS you can aggregate a big list of salons and update their information but you’d have to do it yourself or through a content editor at the moment.

Hi Sergie,

Is this a feature that will be added in the near future? also please any ideas how to create a multilingual site in Webflow? I would like to use webflow CMS instead of Joomla. All the websites we create in Belguim need to multilingual.

Great application! Thanks for replying,

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These are very large features so “near future” would not be a realistic estimate.

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