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Wish list: I would love if Webflow could have a feature to make a Yellow Page like directory

This is my wish list. From what I’ve read, this can be done using Wordpress. But I prefer Webflow over that for so many reasons. My goal is to make a directory, where people can look up a store(s) and the members who are selling their products, can create a profile, where they shows a jpeg location with Google Maps and what they sale. If Webflow ever does this. This will put them ahead of the game on so many levels.

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This is achievable using a combination of Webflow, Zapier/Integromat, Airtable and Memberstack, as one example.

I doubt we will ever see all of the functionality required for an advanced project like the one you outline available natively through Webflow. But I agree it would be a great thing!

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Thanks for your reply. Yes. I had saw something on Youtube from a Webflow user who used those exact same tools, but I wasn’t 100% for sure and was waiting for a reply from him. Thanks for confirming this. And yes. I agree that it would be great if Webflow does this. You never know. It’s great that there are supporting tools like we see with Wordpress, but better with Webflow.