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Creating a freelance platform

Hey Community!

Currently I’m creating a freelance web platform where business who are signed-up on our side can have a search thrue the most experienced freelancers inside my country.

I am wondering if Webflow would have any limits with some features that are a must inside my website.

PAGE1: Actual lisiting

a page where all the actual listing will be put on. I was thinking I’d use a CMS and similar experience as a blog (but than for freelancers) and on the page template itself a button I want to hire and I want to have a quick-scan (to see if the new freelancer can be accepted or not). so a business can easily send a form and a freelancer can go to another page which’ll be called ‘‘Quick-scan’’.

Basically I don’t insert any back-end behind the website for the starting-phase.

so… saying it simplified: Will I have any limits for choosing Webflow as partner to create a website where you can find supply & demand.

It seems that you’re describing a CMS site without any special feature like sorting or member area… So you’re limited by the number of CMS items you can have: 2000 with regular CMS hosting, 10k with business hosting.


Thanks for reaching out to the Webflow forum! :grin:

This sounds like an awesome idea, and I don’t think you’ll have many limits depending on the specifics of the scenario. As far as how you explained it, this is how I see it being used on Webflow:

Business who are signed-up on our side can have a search thrue
Businesses can submit their info through a Webflow form or any other kind of third-party embed. The search results can then be password protected as well to those who have signed up.

Actual listing
The CMS can provide a collection for listings and blog posts where you can include through your site.

I would suggest taking a look at our plans to make sure you find one that fits your needs best as far as the resources you need.

Feel free to drop more questions in here and we’d love to help you out to see if Webflow can be the best fit.

Thankyou for the fast reply!

I’ll keep you (and the rest of the community) updated about the process, a password protected page isn’t username or e-mail address binded… right?

would be cool if you’d had a small database as back-end on Webflow wich could register entrepreneurs and freelancers automatically