Did the rules change? CMS items in staging project

3-4 times this week I was able to import 322 items to a project in staging status in my “team” account (testing the import file format to get around formatting issues in rich text elements).

Today I create a new project to begin migrating the site from elsewhere to Webflow, and the same process gets the error message “your plan is limited to 50 items”.

(I was able to just duplicate an existing project and import there – so I guess new projects have new limits on them?)

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Are you sure you hadn’t already added a CMS plan to the other site? Because the limitation has been the same for a long time: 50 CMS items for Free and Enhanced staging.

I don’t know if doing this inside of a Team plan changes anything though.

The site I was testing, and the copy of that site, are both unpublished. No billing. To verify, I clicked to add a custom domain and got the expected message that I need to add hosting. (Also, no billing history on the test site)

Looks like I had duplicated a hosted site (and then duplicated that copy) and that seemed to lift the restriction on the site where I saw that. Disregard my comments :slight_smile: