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Lite plan not updating in project

Hi, I just upgraded to the lite plan. When I try to create more than the 8 CMS items it shows up a message stating that I´m still in the free plan. Do I need to update the project manually?

Did you try to logout then login again to your account, then open the website again?

Limit of CMS items with free plan: 20
Limit of CMS items with any plan = Enhanced staging: 50

Learn about allthe differences between plans: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

Yes, I tried that. And when I had the free plan it also let me only create 8 items and not 20. That´s why I upgraded as I thought the limit is at 8. The field to duplicate is greyed out. Also via create new item no difference. However I can create more than 2 projects in the dashboard. Am I doing something wrong?

I sure don’t know. Maybe the limits are changing also. But “8” seems uncanny.

So, just let me ask just to get sure. Do you mean 20 Cms items in total. So if I have for instance 5 CMS Collections I could spread the 20 items through the 5 Collection. Or can I have 20 with the free account per CMS Collection? Because I deleted some Items from a Collection that I don´t need and now I can add more than the 8 items to my collection. As I need about 25 items (that´s why I upgraded) in this specific Collection I would have to delete more items from unneeded Collections? Because with the 50 items of the lite plan I thought I have 50 per Collection. And strangely to this. When I count all my items I don´t have 50 in all. So why would I have to delete old ones? Hope I explained it well.

Do you need more information to resolve this issue? Please let me know!

I don´t know why. But today it´s working. So maybe it needed some time to update the site plan :smile: