Free Staging, CMS hosting question

New to Webflow. Working with the free account to try and learn how to work with this new platform. I am testing with reworking a client’s site over to Webflow. I have run into “You’ve created all the Items allowed on Free Staging. To add more Items, add CMS Hosting.”

So if I move to the next level of hosting, will I still run into this problem or will I be able to build the site fully with all CMS functions before I purchase the CMS hosting to go live? I am as new as you can get to Webflow (coming from Muse). I need time to learn how to build in this platform before I commit to hosting. I don’t want to pay for hosting while I am still working on the site.


Max number of collection items per project on free staging: 50, (2000 with CMS hosting) (10,000 with business hosting, and after that, additional items can be requested for $10/month)

Also see other feature limits here

On the Lite Plan, what does enhanced staging mean?

The differences are listed here

Sorry, I’m confused by the pricing page. Do I have to buy hosting in order to build the site? If the site is not ready to go live, I don’t need to host it. I have about 5 sites that I need to work on. It looks like I have to buy two plans just to get started. It makes sense to buy the first plan…the one that says “Build sites for free, then charge clients for hosting with Client Billing.” As I said, I ran out of items on the free plan. If I go to the Lite Plan, can I build a full CMS site first and then move that client to the hosting plan for that site?

No, but you will be limited by the resources listed on the pricing page.

You will be limited by the resources listed on the pricing page if you do not purchase any hosting.

Yep. I get that. Do they explain anywhere what Enhanced Staging is? I guess I will email support. Thought it might be easier here.

Ah…should have seen that. I’m surprised and disappointed that I can not organize my site via CMS without having to commit to hosting before I am ready to launch. I am not even sure if Webflow is right for a client I am working with. I was hoping to set up a CMS site and learn from the experience.

You can setup up a CMS site as a prototype. With 20 collections and a total of 50 items. That should be plenty to test the CMS to see if it would work for your client.

Someday you’ll be able to export CMS items. Try saying 50 is enough then.

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